Penguin and Little Blue

Author: Megan McDonald
Title: Penguin and Little Blue
Illustrator: Abelardo Martinez
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Reading Level: Ages 4-7
Available In: Paperback, Hardback

For Penguin and Little Blue, home is Antarctica and far, far away. They are both missing all one million three hundred twenty-eight thousand and forty-eight of their feathered friends.

And show business is hard work. The only homelike treats anywhere in their Kansas hotel are an ice machine and a bathtub (much more fun than the pool they have to dive, dive, dive into for spectators). After long days signing autographs Little Blue and Penguin dream of enjoying the white ice, blue ice, pancake ice, pencil ice, ice cakes, ice falls, and fast ice of home.

But how oh how can they escape show business and reach Antarctica?


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